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Welcome to Delirium Dragon we are a semi-private guild based from the mmorpg Aika Online. We are based in Ostyrion and interact mostly in game, however our members can consider this to be a open source of information so that they can gain the informaiton they need in order to improve their game play, as well as be able to contribute to the vast information pooled between the four guilds of the Alliance. Its great to have you guys come here and interact as well so feel free to take advantage of all the sites freatures as members of our guild.  

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DD Rules

JCSteel, Nov 26, 11 2:40 AM.

  Welcome To Delirium Dragon...

Here are a few of our guild rules..
1> we do not pk people of our own nation.unless attacked first,if you are caught pking. you will be kicked first and ask questions later,
2>raid and defend as much as possable learn the ropes.
3>dont be afraid to ask questions we are here to help. work with your guild mates and alliance members help each other out
4>nothing will just be handed to you you have to work for it so dont ask for gold,nobody likes a mooch.but we will help if possible

Aika News

JCSteel, Nov 25, 11 11:43 PM.
With the new updates Aika has alot more for everyone to do.So don't be afraid to ask questions we will do our best to answer any question you have. Please ask an officer in guild.
Founder> JCSTEEL.                                      
GM> BeeStinger.                               
Officer>                          Officer> MCGloving.
Officer>                          Officer> Death666x.

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